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Improving Lives Through Education.

About Learning House

Our mission is simple: We help people improve their lives through education. Founded in 2001 by a professor from the University of Louisville, Learning House has been helping bring education to more people in more places for almost two decades. While the services we offer have evolved since our beginning, at our core is the belief that education transforms lives and a willingness to embrace technology to make that transformation accessible to all. Whether it’s partnering with colleges and universities, directly serving students with just-in-time education, or locking arms with enterprise, we are driven by our culture of growth, servant leadership, and total ownership. It’s just the Learning House Way.

A Wiley Brand

When Learning House joined Wiley in 2018, we became part of a 200-year tradition of excellence in education. As a global learning company, Wiley helps people and organizations gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. As a Wiley brand, we enhance our capacity to deliver superior outcomes to our university and enterprise partners.

What Sets Us Apart

Enterprise Approach

Learning House doesn’t cherry-pick certain programs to work with; instead, we work with the entire institution, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, to offer the best programs possible. We aren’t just a vendor — we are a true partner, as invested in your success as you are.

Quality Focused

Our commitment to quality is integral to our success. That starts with student satisfaction and continues through high-quality curricula, faculty development and continual assessment of the quality we’re providing.

Thought Leadership

By conducting research, partnering with organizations like WCET and CIC, and hosting events like our Connect Higher Education Summit, Learning House remains at the forefront of education thought. Our blog, uncompromisingEDU, discusses current trends in the industry, so you can stay ahead of them.

Analytics and Technology

Data drives our decision making at Learning House. We use a variety of tools and make use of different metrics to inform our decisions and push for continual improvement within our company and for our partners.

The Learning House Way

Our corporate culture underpins everything we do. By focusing on our primary colors of growth, total ownership and servant leadership, we ensure that we act with integrity and constantly strive to improve.

Our Leadership Team

John Anderson's photo

As Senior Vice President of Business Development and Client Services, John Anderson oversees all client-related activities. John manages a team of Partnership Directors whose primary goal is to facilitate sustainable growth and provide the highest level of service for Learning House partners.

John M. Anderson
Senior Vice President of Partnership Management
Julie Delich's photo

Julie Delich, Senior Vice President of Enrollment and Advising at Learning House, manages the enrollment and retention processes for college and university clients. Her team works with potential students from the moment they express interest in a school until they have graduated. Before joining Learning House, Julie was Director of Enrollment at the University of Phoenix.

Julie Delich
Senior Vice President of Enrollment and Retention
Jay Hatcher's photo

As Senior Vice President of Business Development and General Counsel, Jay Hatcher is responsible for identifying, vetting and building relationships with prospective partner institutions. He also brings new opportunities to partners, including corporate partnerships and Learning House International. In addition, Jay manages contract negotiations with clients and vendors, ensures compliance with state and federal regulations and oversees corporate development opportunities.

Jay Hatcher
Senior Vice President of Business Development and General Counsel
Justin Klutka's photo

As Senior Vice President of Technology at Learning House, Justin Klutka leads the development and operations of Learning House’s cloud-based technology platform. He oversees all efforts related to infrastructure, application development, project management and technology support. In addition, Justin is responsible for working with internal and external stakeholders to innovate through the strategic use of technological assets.

Justin Klutka
Senior Vice President of Technology
Krysia Lazarewicz's photo

As Senior Vice President of Curriculum Development and General Manager of Advancement Courses, Krysia is responsible for ensuring that Learning House faculty have the support they need to focus on what they do best: teach their content expertise. Whether it’s just-in-time support to incorporate breaking news or planful expertise to implement innovative and research-based best practices in the online classroom, Krysia's team supports the entire life cycle of a faculty member.

Krysia Lazarewicz
Senior Vice President of Curriculum Development and General Manager of Advancement Courses
Rachel McGalliard's photo

As Vice President of Operations for The Software Guild (TSG), Rachel drives strategic initiatives to expand the footprint of immersive training curriculums not only into the student space but also within corporate training settings and through university partnerships. Rachel has led the initiative to create standards within the coding bootcamp space by helping TSG become one of the inaugural members of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR).

Rachel McGalliard
General Manager and Senior Vice President of The Software Guild
Suren Naidoo's photo

As the Senior Vice President of Learning House International, Suren Naidoo is responsible for ensuring that international students match with the right school, get a quality education and achieve great outcomes. Learning House International is committed to helping university partners grow and diversify their international student populations.

Suren Naidoo
Senior Vice President of Learning House International

As Senior Vice President of Marketing, Wendy Parrish leads the teams responsible for developing, delivering and optimizing marketing strategies for Learning House and partner universities. With over ten years of experience in education marketing, she is invigorated by the challenge of growing enrollments in today’s market. Wendy obtained her MBA from The Wharton School and her B.E. from Vanderbilt University.

Wendy Parrish
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Jeff Stark's photo

As Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Stark is responsible for the company’s Finance and Accounting functions. He brings more than 20 years of experience in those areas to the position. Jeff is passionate about education, having previously worked with several education companies including Pansophic Learning, K12 and Discovery Education.

Jeff Stark
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Sweasy's photo

As Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Kelly Sweasy is responsible for all HR functions including recruitment, talent management, leadership development, benefits, compensation and associate engagement. With more than 20 years of HR experience, Kelly understands the value of a positive employee culture and works to ensure the company’s philosophy is evident in and demonstrated through the associates.

Kelly Sweasy
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Jeremy Walsh's photo

As Senior Vice President of Enterprise Learning Solutions, Jeremy Walsh’s focus is on strengthening the value proposition for Learning House clients by developing key partnerships that accelerate growth. Prior to joining Learning House, Jeremy spent the last decade overseeing different business development initiatives for organizations such as Apollo Group, Kaplan and Mount Washington College.

Jeremy Walsh
Senior Vice President of Enterprise Learning Solutions
Todd Zipper's photo

Todd Zipper is the president and CEO of The Learning House, Inc., a Wiley Brand. Learning House is a leading academic program manager (APM) that offers a full suite of education services and solutions designed to empower partner institutions to thrive in today’s competitive higher education landscape. At Learning House, Todd is responsible for overseeing all operations and providing strategic management so that the company can fulfill its mission of helping people improve their lives through education.

Todd Zipper
President and CEO


Underpinning everything we do is our culture code, the Learning House Way. Grounded in our primary colors of servant leadership, total ownership and a growth mindset, we strive to embody the qualities of humility, transparency, celebration, communication and self-awareness. Together, we help everyone fulfill their potential, find their purpose and feel a sense of playfulness every day, creating a culture dedicated to total motivation.

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