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The Software Guild

Tech Skills for Your Community.

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Software development is one of the fastest growing fields in America, and the need for training for those jobs is critical. The Software Guild provides a quick, immersive way for individuals to gain valuable competencies in in-demand tech skill areas. We teach languages and competencies that companies want most, in three on-ground locations or online. Through partnerships with universities and major corporations, The Software Guild is ready to train individuals for the rapidly changing workforce.

At The Software Guild, we are committed to teaching skills for life. That’s why we bring expert instructors with an average of 10 years of experience in their field — so students can be confident that the skills gained will be directly applicable in the workplace. We also offer career services and assist program graduates with job placement. Our robust employer network means that students are more likely to get jobs in their chosen field.

Thanks to our partnerships, we are able to help universities fill the skills gap in their communities and position themselves as leaders in the dynamic tech industry. The Software Guild is also addressing workforce trends by helping companies develop new talent plans as well as upskill their current employees.

Our Services

The Software Guild offers programs in the following in-demand competencies: .NET/C# and Java. Customized options are also available.


Our graduates are hired quickly, love the work they do and remain in control of their careers.

Software Guild Graduates
Graduation Rate*
Employers in our Network
Job Placement Rate**

* in Louisville, Current CIRR Report January 2017-June 2017
** in Minneapolis, Current CIRR Report January 2017-June 2017

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Rachel McGalliard

Vice President and General Manager of The Software Guild, A Wiley Brand