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Online Program Management

At Learning House, our goal is to ensure partner institutions have the tools they need to provide an exceptional online education experience, from recruiting through graduation. To this end, we provide both student-centric services and faculty-centric services to our partner schools.

Our Services

Enterprise Learning Solutions

Learning House also provides universities like yours opportunities to link arms with enterprise, giving you more brand awareness, access to a motivated student population and the ability to improve enrollments. Our on-the-ground sales support from regional experts means we help identify and develop partnership opportunities with national and regional organizations, to market your online degree programs and improve enrollment numbers.

Partner Plus

Partner Plus connects universities with a network of regional and national corporate partners so your institution can offer tuition discounts to employees. Universities can improve enrollments and increase student retention, while corporations can leverage tuition reimbursement programs and develop a more educated workforce.

Corporate Partnerships

Learning House offers customizable, cost-effective corporate partnerships that match universities with relevant corporations and organizations, driving enrollment through education-as-a-benefit programs. We enroll employees from partner organizations into the right online program, providing a superior enrollment experience and expanding your access to prospective students.

What Sets Us Apart

Not all OPM providers are created equal, and we think there’s something special about Learning House. Our culture, defined as the Learning House Way, is founded on our three primary colors of growth, total ownership and servant leadership, ensuring that we act with integrity, do what we say and always strive to do better.

Our enterprise approach means we don’t cherry-pick only certain programs to work with. Instead, we work with the entire institution, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, to offer the best programs possible. Our commitment to flexibility means we provide options that allow our university partners to choose the contract that best fits their needs, while our data-driven approach means we invest in technology and analytics to be more efficient and make more informed decisions that ultimately produce better results.

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