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The United States is the most popular destination in the world for international students, and demand continues to grow. However, navigating the complexities of international student enrollment can be challenging for institutions, due to cost and personnel requirements.

Learning House International (LHI) is a leading provider of global student marketing and enrollment services for higher education. Our boots-on-the-ground team works across the world, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria, Turkey and the Caribbean, to identify qualified students and enroll them in degree programs at partner institutions. LHI can guide you through navigating the challenges of international student recruitment and help your institution meet its enrollment goals, at a minimal investment of your time and resources.

Our Services

TLH Services Marketing

Marketing and Brand Development

LHI delivers a full suite of marketing services to our partners, tailored to the international student population. From international brand development and promotion to website development, we’re ready to help you operate in the international market successfully.

TLH Services Enrollment

Enrollment Operations

Our dedicated team also provides applicant support throughout the enrollment process, such as document collection and admissions counseling. We also provide clients with a customized, admissions-ready application package, so you have the resources to begin enrolling students fast.

TLH Services FacDevelop

Logistics and Coordination

As an expert in international higher education, LHI offers valuable insight to help institutions prepare student visas, collect payments and coordinate students’ arrival on campus.


Learning House International, formerly Education for Advancement, has been recruiting students and enrolling them in colleges and universities in the United States and United Kingdom since 2007.

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