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Enterprise Learning Solutions

Attract. Develop. Retain.

Companies that offer employees the opportunity for professional development have a competitive advantage when it comes to finding and keeping talented workers who help the business fulfill its mission. But creating those opportunities can be costly and resource intensive. With Enterprise Learning Solutions (ELS), you can help your employees and your company reach their goals with solutions designed for your specific business needs, with a partner committed to your success. ELS helps companies provide programs to fill skills gaps, enabling them to hire better employees, have a more trained workforce and keep those employees longer.

When you work with ELS to develop professional development programs that fit your business model, you can save money in training and recruitment costs — and attract top talent because you offer training opportunities for relevant skill development. We offer both turnkey and custom-built solutions that can be leveraged quickly and easily to maximize results.

Our Services


Improve employee engagement with turnkey workplace solutions. With TalentED, you can:

  • Develop a more skilled workforce
  • Increase employee retention
  • Provide an education-as-a-benefit program with a clear ROI
  • Offer strategically aligned credit-bearing programs from regionally accredited institutions
  • Help employees earn academic credit from internal training
  • Provide customized certificate programs from regionally accredited institutions


Build a one-of-a-kind program that will meet the specific needs of your organization. With CraftED, you can:

  • Design a hand-crafted training program that provides your unique learning outcomes
  • Teach vital skills to your existing employees
  • Leverage your business’s core competency to develop a free, open, customizable course that is used to attract new recruits


Create higher engagement and total motivation with our employee development solutions. With Unstoppable, you can:

  • Encourage creativity, problem-solving skills, persistence and collaboration
  • Build stronger collaboration and teamwork
  • Enhance cultural values
  • Unlock strategies to unleash the personal and professional potential of your employees

The Software Guild

Develop talent to meet the growing demands of the digital economy. With The Software Guild, you can:

  • Access programs for in-demand competencies, including .NET/C#, Java, Android and cyber security
  • Train and retain employees who already have knowledge of your industry and your company
  • Choose from multiple modalities to meet your specific needs (on-site, on campus, online or blended)
  • Benefit from partner-preferred pricing

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