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Advancement Courses

Expertly Crafted Courses with Real Application for Today's Classrooms.

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Learning House and Advancement Courses are committed to helping people improve their lives through education. By working with thousands of teachers in every state, Advancement Courses helps educators enhance their practice, advance their careers and ensure students succeed. How do we do that? Through graduate-level professional development for K-12 teachers that focuses on relevant, immediately applicable knowledge designed for the modern classroom.

Because our courses are developed for teachers, by teachers with extensive classroom experience, we have a deep understanding of national standards and the skills that ensure great student outcomes. Advancement Courses’ growing list of course topics includes foundational topics to help every teacher succeed as well as emerging trends that matter to educators. We offer more than 200 courses in 14 different subject areas, all founded on principles of student success and information that teachers can use immediately in their practice.

Advancement Courses offers:

  • Applicable, practical courses. Created by subject matter experts with extensive classroom experience, our courses are designed to provide teachers with more than just information — they’ll develop tangible tools and resources to use immediately in their own classrooms.
  • Feedback and facilitation along the way. Experienced facilitators guide learners through every course, answering questions and offering detailed feedback on assignments. Feedback is research-based, positive and constructive.
  • Accessible content. Advancement Courses also follows Universal Design principles, helping all teachers to engage with our content in a way that meets their unique needs.
  • Flexible, convenient options. Our courses aren’t tied to a semester or physical classroom, so they are available anywhere, anytime for up to six months after enrollment.

University Partnerships

With the support of Advancement Courses partnerships, institutions can help teachers continue their education, maintain licensure and advance their careers. Our partnerships not only open new revenue streams for your institution, but they also improve brand awareness of your education programs. In addition, Advancement Courses can help your institution support alumni by offering courses to help graduates maintain their licensure. All of these benefits come at a minimal investment, because we develop, deliver, facilitate and market the courses, ensuring that our offerings meet your institution’s high standards for quality.

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