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What We Do

We help people improve their lives through education.

Our mission is simple, but that doesn’t mean achieving it is easy. At Learning House, we focus on fulfilling that mission in three ways: by helping partners acquire more students, helping more of those students graduate, and ensuring better outcomes for students and institutions. To achieve those goals, we have five business units, each designed to bring education to more people in more places and to help them find a solution that meets their needs.

Our Solutions



While online program management is a core capability, we specialize in much more. We collaborate with our education partners to tailor and implement solutions that achieve their goals and expand their education footprint. Explore our services and solutions for colleges and universities on the Wiley Education Services site.

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Enterprise Learning Solutions

Keeping up with a dynamic economy requires higher education to intersect with enterprise. We offer customizable programs designed to meet the specific needs of businesses and employees.

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Learning House International

Finding and supporting international students through the enrollment process requires a significant investment of capital and human resources. Learning House International recruits international students for partner institutions and provides the support needed during the enrollment process. Explore our complete global recruiting solutions on the Wiley Education Services site.

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Software development is one of the fastest-growing fields in America. Our coding bootcamp, The Software Guild, offers an intensive, immersive option to train students in valuable skills, providing a talent pipeline for employers and innovative programming for university partners. Visit the Wiley Education Services site for more about our coding bootcamp solutions.

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Advancement Courses provides continuing education opportunities to K–12 teachers. We offer more than 240 courses in 19 subject areas and are proud to partner with universities so teachers can receive graduate-level professional development credit from accredited institutions. Visit the Wiley Education Services site to learn more.

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