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Released April 10th, 2017

The Learning House, Inc. Reimagines Higher Education With New Acquisitions

Academic Program Manager expands service areas to help colleges and universities grow through two new acquisitions.

Louisville, KY – (April 10, 2017) – The Learning House, Inc., an academic program manager (APM) for colleges and universities in the United States, has acquired two businesses to expand its service offerings. Learning House is building upon its foundation in online program management to include outreach services for international students and professional development course offerings for teachers. The company also provides tailored solutions to companies looking to develop a more skilled workforce.

New services offered include:

  • Learning House International (LHI), which was created through the acquisition of Education for Advancement. LHI helps connect international students with colleges and universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. LHI provides support throughout the enrollment process, including document collection and assistance with navigating the complicated visa process, and plays an important role in helping partner institutions build their brands overseas.
  • Advancement Courses, which offers graduate-level professional development courses to working K-12 teachers who want to improve their salary potential and better serve their students. More than 200 courses are offered in a variety of subjects, all designed to provide teachers with relevant knowledge that can be applied immediately to the classroom.

“Higher education is evolving, and Learning House is at the forefront of the new frontier,” said Todd Zipper, president and CEO of Learning House. “Our current businesses remain robust, and we wanted to take our commitment to quality and our innovative approach to new sectors of the education space. These acquisitions will allow us to more fully serve our current and future university partners by providing them with an enriched suite of services.”

These acquisitions represent a refinement in strategy for Learning House, which has been partnering with colleges and universities to offer online programs since 2001. Learning House will continue to evaluate additional opportunities, including working with enterprise and further development of just-in-time education models to build upon its coding bootcamp offering, The Software Guild. The goal is to help colleges and universities diversify their program portfolios and remain nimble in the rapidly changing world of education. Currently, Learning House has almost 50 partners and offers customized solutions from its full suite of services. To learn more, visit

About Learning House
The Learning House, Inc. helps people improve their lives through education. The academic program manager offers a full suite of education services, including: Online Program Management (OPM), Corporate Solutions, The Software Guild, Learning House International and Advancement Courses. Built on a foundation of data-driven decision making, thorough market research and robust technology services, Learning House is focused on delivering high-quality, relevant just-in-time education services to meet the needs of a dynamic, global market. Through its partnerships, Learning House helps universities acquire more students, produce more graduates and deliver better outcomes and helps companies attract, develop and retain a happier, more skilled workforce.

Media Contact:

Katie Savinon
Associate Director of Marketing, The Learning House, Inc.

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