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Online Learning at Public Universities

Recruiting, Orienting, and Supporting Online Faculty

Webinar: Feb. 21

Get Insights for Preparing Online Faculty to Succeed

As online degree programs grow in popularity, colleges, and universities face the challenge of preparing faculty to thrive in virtual classrooms. Seeking best practices for recruiting and training online instructors, Learning House, a Wiley brand, surveyed chief academic officers at institutions that comprise the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). Our exclusive findings and recommendations appear in the Online Learning at Public Universities report.

Dive into the report by watching a video of our webinar. Author Andrew J. Magda of Learning House and George L. Mehaffy of AASCU will share actionable insights to help your institution:

  • Motivate online faculty to participate in training programs
  • Promote the continuous development of online instructors
  • Use evaluations to enhance faculty performance
  • Deliver a uniform learning experience across all online courses
  • Improve the online pedagogical skills of adjunct instructors

Meet the Presenters

Andrew J. Magda has tracked and forecasted trends in online education for more than 10 years. He has worked with hundreds of institutions regarding their unique place in the online marketplace, such as The University of Alabama, Capella University and Regis University. At Learning House, Magda leads custom and large-scale market research studies and helps partner institutions understand their local online marketplace.

George L. Mehaffy has served for 19 years as the vice president for academic leadership and change at AASCU. His division is responsible for developing and managing programs for member institutions in leadership development, undergraduate education, technology and more. Before joining AASCU, he acquired more than 20 years of higher education teaching and administrative experience in Texas, New Mexico and California. In addition, he served the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve for 33 years, retiring as a captain in 2000.

Watch the Webinar

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