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Online College Students 2019

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Published June 18, 2019

New Intelligence on Engaging Online Learners

The growing number of online programs presents more options for students — and more competition for your institution. This makes it critical to personalize your programs to the needs and motivations of individual students. To understand how to engage this unique population, Learning House, a Wiley brand, and Aslanian Market Research surveyed 1,500 prospective, current, and recently graduated fully online college students. Access our complete findings in the eighth-annual Online College Students report.

In this webinar, Dr. David L. Clinefelter, Carol B. Aslanian, and Andrew J. Magda share actionable intelligence to help you enroll and retain more online students. You’ll discover the competitive benefits of:

  • Enhancing online courses to deliver soft skills
  • Fostering lifelong relationships with online alumni
  • Meeting demand for mobile access to digital classes
  • Engaging the growing number of local online learners
  • Offering career and support services to online students

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Meet the Authors of Online College Students 2019

Dr. David L. Clinefelter (Presenter) has co-authored seven editions of Online College Students. His career has spanned all levels of education, from K–12 to higher education. At the postsecondary level, he has been a provost and president with experience in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. In each of these roles, he focused on improving teaching and learning through the application of technology.

Carol B. Aslanian (Presenter) is Founder and President of Aslanian Market Research. She is a national authority on the characteristics and learning patterns of adult students, and she has made hundreds of presentations on the topic and led market research projects for more than 300 colleges, universities, and educational agencies.

Andrew J. Magda (Moderator) is Manager of Market Research for Learning House. He leads the development of custom and large-scale market research studies, and assists partner institutions with understanding their local online marketplace. Prior to Learning House, Magda was a senior analyst for the Online Higher Education and Continuing & Professional Education Division at Eduventures, Inc.

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