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Closing the Skills Gap

The Need for Partnerships Between Employers and Higher Education

Published July 7, 2018

Join the partnership to close the skills gap

Forty-seven percent of recent college graduates aren’t ready to enter the workforce, according to our survey of 600 human resources leaders. That’s more than an eye-opening statistic — it means many companies can’t find the talent they need to achieve business goals. How can businesses and colleges work together to produce a skilled workforce? Find out in Closing the Skills Gap, a report from The Learning House, Inc. and Future Workplace.

After you read the report, watch a video of our webinar to dive into the skills gap. Jeremy Walsh of Learning House shares how colleges and companies can partner to develop job-ready graduates and get the current workforce up to speed. Topics include:

  • How business leaders view the skills of college graduates
  • The size and scope of the skills gap
  • Skills that businesses demand the most
  • Alternative credentials that rival four-year degrees
  • The value of upskilling and reskilling talent

A recording is available

Watch the webinar

About the Presenters

Jeremy Walsh is senior vice president of Enterprise Learning Solutions at Learning House. Walsh focuses on strengthening the value proposition for Learning House clients by developing key partnerships that accelerate growth. Prior to joining Learning House, Jeremy oversaw business development initiatives for organizations such as Apollo Group, Kaplan and Mount Washington College.

Watch the Webinar

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