Online Learning in Continuing Higher Education

Current Practices and Planned Initiatives

Webinar: Nov. 8, 2018

Explore Online Learning in Continuing Higher Education

Online education is widespread in higher education, but are colleges delivering programs that online students demand most? To find out, register for Online Learning in Continuing Higher Education, a report from Learning House and the Association for Continuing Higher Education. You’ll discover how ACHE member schools design online programs, along with ways to boost enrollments based on the latest student preferences.

After you read the report, watch a video of our webinar. Andrew J. Magda of Learning House and Bill Boozang of ACHE deliver insights that can help your school attract and retain students in the overcrowded online marketplace. Topics will include:

  • Online programs your school should launch to boost enrollments
  • The important role continuing education units play in online growth
  • The revenue opportunity that online programs provide
  • Ways institutions overcome barriers in the online space
  • How to expand your enrollment reach via online programs

A recording is available

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About the Presenters

Andrew J. Magda has tracked and forecasted trends in online education for more than 10 years. He has worked with hundreds of institutions regarding their unique place in the online marketplace, such as The University of Alabama, Capella University and Regis University. At Learning House, Magda leads custom and large-scale market research studies and helps partner institutions understand their local online marketplace.

Bill Boozang is Past-President of the Association for Continuing Higher Education (2017-2018), a network of diverse professionals dedicated to promoting excellence in continuing higher education. Dr. Boozang currently serves as faculty member and dissertation chair for the doctoral program in education at Concordia University-Portland. In addition to previously assuming continuing education leadership roles at Boston College, Newbury College, Northeastern University and Eastern Nazarene College, Bill is a seasoned instructor in on-ground, hybrid, blended and online modalities.

About Our Research Partner

The Association for Continuing Higher Education is a dynamic network of diverse professionals who are dedicated to promoting excellence in continuing higher education and to sharing their expertise and experience with one another. Belief in the values of professional development, collegiality and service guides their mission. ACHE has 1,200 individual members who represent more than 300 institutions and organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

Explore Online College Students 2018

To develop the Online Learning in Continuing Higher Education, we leveraged key findings from the seventh-annual Online College Students report. Learning House and Aslanian Market Research create the report each year by surveying 1,500 incoming, current and recently-graduated students. To explore the latest student demands and preferences, download our 2018 report.

Watch the Webinar

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