5 Keys to Enrolling Students in a Crowded Online Market [Webinar]

Published March 5th, 2014

Unlocking the Secret of Enrollment Success

These days, it seems like everyone is offering online education. Not only are more institutions offering fully online degrees or hybrid degrees, but also the popularity and notoriety of MOOCs has increased interest in learning online. Given such stiff competition, how can an institution continue to grow enrollments?

Julie Delich, Senior Director of Enrollment for Learning House, has some answers. Learn five keys to a successful enrollment process, one that helps potential learners become active, engaged, enrolled students. Traditional enrollment methods are frequently too slow and cumbersome for the online student, but streamlining the process so that it is fast and easy to navigate can help increase online enrollments.

In this webinar, Julie will discuss the benefits of:

  • Increasing speed to contact
  • Unofficially evaluating transfer credits
  • Collecting transcripts
  • Assessing student motivation and matching them to the right program
  • Assisting in tuition planning

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About the Presenter

Julie Delich, MS, Vice President of Enrollment at Learning House, manages the enrollment process for college and university clients. Her team works with potential students from the moment they express interest in a school until they have graduated. Before joining Learning House, Julie was Director of Enrollment at the University of Phoenix.

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