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Online College Students 2013

Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences

Published June 26th, 2013

11 Key Findings About Online College Students

Who is studying online? What do they value? What is the impact of their online degree? The newest edition of the “Online College Students” report, a joint project of Learning House and Aslanian Market Research, answers these questions and more. The report shares the findings of the second annual survey of 1,500 former, current and future online college students.

Key Findings of the Report

  • The value of an online degree. Among respondents who had completed their program of study within the previous 12 months, about two-thirds were completely satisfied that it was a good investment of time and money. Of all respondents, 44% obtained a first-time, full-time or new job; 45% received a salary increase; and 36% received a promotion.
  • Online or nothing. While many colleges and universities worry about cannibalization of on-ground programs when offering online, only 15% of students considered a classroom-only program.
  • Factors when choosing an institution. Reputation is the most important factor for students when choosing an institution, and is most often based on accreditation, quality of faculty and personal acquaintance with other attendees.
  • Popular programs. Business continues to dominate as the field of study, being the most popular undergraduate and graduate degree with 36% and 39%, respectively. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, however, are gaining in popularity.
  • The influence of MOOCs. About 80% of the students surveyed found MOOCs compelling; in fact, many found the option very attractive.

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