Growth Opportunities in Higher Education: Degrees and Alternate Pathways

Published April 13, 2016

Online education was once on the cutting edge of educational technology, but that is no longer the case. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 450 new providers began offering online education between 2012 and 2016. Not only did the number of providers increase, but students also flocked to online education; according to Eduventures, more than 3.5 million students studied online in 2016 alone. But if online education has become mainstream, what can institutions expect to be the next new trends?

In Growth Opportunity in Higher Education: Degrees and Alternate Pathways, a new report from The Learning House, Inc., these questions and more are answered. Our research reveals what programs colleges and universities should be offering, as well as what alternate degree paths institutions should consider.

Some highlights include:

  • Marketing degrees offer significant growth opportunity. Both market research and digital marketing are demonstrating strong labor trends and low competition from educational providers.
  • Computer science and IT management degrees show significant growth potential. Labor trends project significant job growth for these in-demand skills.
  • Badges will become increasingly important. As the traditional college-aged student becomes a lifelong learner, validating what skills have been acquired throughout their continuing education will become necessary.
  • Bootcamps and microdegrees present opportunity for vocational education. Shorter, more intensive programs that focus on specific skills offer students and institutions a way to quickly meet job demand.
  • The future of education includes digital transcripts. For-profit providers are beginning to offer digital transcript services, which allow students to build and maintain a portfolio of their skills. Higher education institutions have an opportunity to be at the forefront of this trend.

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