Closing the Skills Gap

The Need for Partnerships Between Employers and Higher Education

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Our online report explores ways the U.S. can develop skilled workers

There is a recognizable skills gap in the American workforce. As a result, many companies are struggling to fill open positions. The Closing the Skills Gap study examines where employers see the biggest gaps, seeks solutions for closing those gaps and identifies ways higher education can help.

The Learning House, Inc. and Future Workplace surveyed 600 human resources leaders about job-readiness of college graduates, the existing skills gap and developing current employees. Learn what they said — and how we can solve the skills gap — in our new report, Closing the Skills Gap.

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  • The urgent need for colleges and businesses to partner on solutions
  • Top qualifications employers need graduates to possess today
  • Non-traditional methods to cultivate a skilled workforce
  • Key reasons companies struggle to maintain qualified talent
  • Credentials that many companies accept in place of a college degree

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