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Finding Purpose for Work and Life

At Learning House, we are committed to helping all our team members realize their potential. The Unstoppable course is one way we foster self-reflection and improvement. Based on the principles of Total Motivation, Unstoppable was developed as a way to maximize individual performance and build a successful organization made up of “Unstoppable” team members with the tools they need to reach their goals and the goals of the company.

How It Works

Unstoppable is delivered online and includes 10 weeks of coursework, with students completing about five hours of coursework per week. Throughout the course, team members work toward identifying their purpose for work and life while connecting that purpose to everything they do. Unstoppable gives graduates the skills to build an optimal mindset and healthy lifestyle – key elements of ongoing success and happiness.

Why It Matters

Graduates of the Unstoppable course will:

  • Find their purpose
  • Set specific goals
  • Improve their productivity
  • Develop a growth mindset

All of that leads to a workforce that is more satisfied, productive and effective.

What Graduates Think

valued the chance to get to know their colleagues.
would recommend the course to their coworkers.
feel more connected to the Learning House community.
believe what they learned has helped them be successful.



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