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The Learning House Way

A great company starts with great people, and at Learning House, we strive to create a welcoming environment where team members thrive. Part of how we create this culture is through the Learning House Way, which defines our values as a company and provides a roadmap for team members to excel. Based around the concept of primary and secondary colors, the Way encourages team members to be servant leaders who practice Total Motivation with a growth mindset. It informs how we make decisions, what policies we adopt and the path we take forward.

Primary Colors

Growth icon


People with a growth mindset enjoy challenges, strive to learn and consistently see potential to develop skills. We value growth that is about bettering yourself, the customer and the world.

Servant Leadership icon

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership means putting other people first. Every team member is a leader, whether by managing their own projects or a team. By serving others and helping them achieve their goals, we help everyone be the best version of themselves.

Total Ownership icon

Total Ownership

Total ownership means taking responsibility for your actions and their consequences, good or bad. That also means taking a long-term view of situations and seeking to create sustainable solutions. With total ownership, we can trust people to do what they say and say what they mean.

Secondary Colors

Humility icon


Humility is the knowledge that you can always improve.

Transparency icon


Transparency means sharing information and talents. A culture of transparency encourages asking questions, finding answers and sharing results.

Celebration icon


Part of being a team is showing appreciation. This color reflects acknowledging those who do well and sharing their achievement with others.

Communication icon


Communication is opening a dialogue with the entire company. Everyone has the right to share and receive feedback from team members, management and leadership.

Self-Awareness icon


Self-awareness means appreciating your strengths, but also knowing when to ask for help.

Developing People

Our team members are the biggest asset and most important part of what we do. We believe that team members who are empowered to grow and have a clear purpose produce better results, work harder and have better retention as a result. That’s why Learning House strives to foster creativity, diversity, problem solving and teamwork from the top down. We are also committed to offering a range of initiatives that help our employees develop their talents, both professionally and personally. Explore how we do this below.


Unstoppable is a 10-week course offered to all Learning House team members. This professional development class helps team members maximize their motivation while guiding them in identifying their purpose and meeting their goals, both professionally and beyond. Learn more about the Unstoppable course.

Leadership Development

We offer monthly development classes that help leaders and others within our company to become more effective and efficient leaders. These classes include topics such as performance management, time management, diversity, employment law and more, all designed to help our leaders achieve better outcomes.

Individual Contributor Development

At Learning House, we want people to succeed. To that end, training opportunities are available both internally and externally for our employees. We also offer comprehensive Predictive Index training, which helps team members understand the work style and motivations of both themselves and their coworkers, fostering teamwork and ongoing success.

Career Ladders

Our departments have developed career ladders that give team members a clear path for career advancement with Learning House. These include a leadership track, for those interested in management roles, as well as an expert track for team members who want to be subject matter experts in their area of interest.

How Employees Live Our Culture

The foundation of the Learning House Way is Total Motivation. Used by companies such as Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and more, ToMo is a tool that allows us to measure the reasons people work, based on the idea that motivations predict how well you work. ToMo is made up of six factors, including three direct motives that explain how people achieve workplace success.

Learn More About ToMo


When you do what you do just because you enjoy it, the work is its own reward.


Doing an activity because you value the outcome and the impact it makes is key to a meaningful career.


The work you do is aligned with your personal goals and will eventually lead to a desired outcome.


Learning House team members incorporate the Way and ToMo into their work environment in several ways, including through the following committees and initiatives. Team members join in as a way to make the most of their Play, Purpose and Potential.

Wellness Committee

This committee sponsors healthy initiatives that promote all aspects of wellness, from physical to financial and more.

Social Committee

Learning House’s social committee plans fun events throughout the year, including a company picnic, outings to Churchill Downs and holiday parties.

Service Committee

The service committee identifies ways for the Learning House team to make a difference in our community. We partner with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Dare to Care.

Firewatchers Committee

The Firewatchers are a group of motivated people who identify opportunities to help our team innovate and grow. Their goal is to help everyone excel through the ToMo principles.


We are committed to recognizing team members who exemplify both our mission and vision. One of the ways we encourage this is through our weekly WOW awards, a peer recognition system in which employees share positive feedback and wins of the week. In addition to this company-wide system, individual departments within Learning House have their own ways of recognizing and celebrating their coworkers. These recognition systems are one way we apply our secondary color of Celebration to company culture.

Monday Motivator

The Monday Motivator is a message from Learning House President and CEO Todd Zipper. It is designed to motivate, inspire and educate team members by giving insight into new initiatives, exploring aspects of the Learning House Way, and sharing valuable personal and professional lessons.

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Our company is growing, and we are always looking for people to join the dynamic Learning House team and help people improve their lives through education.  Careers are available in many different areas including marketing, sales, customer service, business development, technology and much more.

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