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The News Forum

A Personal Megaphone in the Classroom Many online instructors and course developers understand the purpose and appreciate the value of Moodle Forums, particularly the Discussion Forums. However, other valuable tools in this group, such as the...

Six Characteristics of a Model Assignment

How many times have you had a student submit an assignment with few sources, poorly written and several days late? Probably happens more times than not. There are six characteristics of a model assignment which...

Collecting Testimonials

There is no doubt about the value of a great testimonial. Whether it comes from an online student, a faculty member, a dean or vice president, an effective testimonial must accomplish one goal: speak to...

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Many educators view Bloom's Taxonomy as a way of devising levels of objectives for instruction. Administrators who design, develop and manage online programs also find this measurement system useful. more

4 Reasons to Use PDFs

The majority of instructors use Microsoft Word is their primary word processing software. Consequently, it may seem natural to upload in the course materials in Word format. However, in the online learning environment, Adobe...

No-Cost Ways to Market Your Online Programs

Given budget cuts in higher education, administrators are often faced with the task of marketing new online programs with few resources, forcing them to get creative with what they have. However, it is possible to...

Enhancing Forum Discussions

Forums, also referred to as discussion boards, are a good resource for encouraging cooperative and collaborative thinking. If you are new to teaching online or would like to learn new forum techniques, here are a...

Best Practices: Using an Online Gradebook

In traditional education, students are generally comfortable with receiving grades periodically and seeing an overall grade only at pre-specified times such as the end of the course or at the time of mid-semester reports. However,...

Effective Lead Management Strategies

In the online education market, students are not restricted to a specific region to meet their higher education needs. The majority of colleges and universities now offer many courses, certificate programs and degree programs completely...