Managing a suite of learning tools, including
an enhanced LMS

Learning House creates a user-friendly, interactive online learning environment.

Enhancements and add-ons

Learning House extends basic learning management system (LMS) functionality with product enhancements and add-ons, including improved chat and grade book features, retention blocks, custom student surveys and ad hoc reporting. By testing and verifying numerous third-party plug-ins, schools gain access to additional functionality that is ensured to be both stable and useful.

Security, reliability and convenience

Learning House hosts the LMS in a high-performance, secure and reliable operating environment. We also manage the hardware,  software, connectivity, backup recovery and security, so your school can focus solely on delivering high-quality instruction to students.

Our LMS Connector tool enables easy and tight integration between the LMS and all popular student information systems.

Acatar Learning Environment

The Acatar Learning Environment is based on the science of learning. The clean, intuitive interface provides a seamless learning experience, and includes course elements such as video lectures, readings, homework assignments and live sessions. The Course Index reveals scaffolding of any course and clearly indicates a path for the learner to follow, so they can manage their own time and master one concept before moving to the next. The Acatar Connective Tissue is the perfect way for faculty to activate students’ prior knowledge, identify learning objectives and provide context and motivation. Acatar provides capabilities for real-time meetings with students, with capabilities for polling, breakout sessions and more. Make video calls and share screens all within the learning environment. Learn more about the Acatar Learning Environment.