You’ve heard the headlines: “Starbucks partners with ASU and 4,000 students enroll,” “Georgia Tech and AT&T work together to offer $7,000 master’s program.” These partnerships aren’t only for big universities and Fortune 500 companies; with the right planning, they can bring benefits to any institution.

With enrollments declining and costs rising, colleges and universities must find new opportunities for growth. Corporate education partnerships offer one avenue for reaching new audiences, especially since more than 70 percent of companies now offer some form of tuition reimbursement. Finding the right partnership for your institution, however, can be challenging. Now, get the information you need to create successful corporate partnerships.

During this webinar as Jeremy Walsh, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for The Learning House, Inc., shares strategies for accelerating enrollment growth through corporate partnerships. Learn how to make the most of employer partnerships and develop marketing strategies that maintain brand identity while ensuring success.

During the webinar, Jeremy discusses:

  • How partnerships mutually benefit institutions and employers
  • What types of employers you should target
  • Types of partnerships available
  • How to set up your program for success
  • And more

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About the presenter

Jeremy_Walsh_headshotJeremy joined Learning House in 2014 as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, where he focuses on strengthening the value proposition for Learning House partners by developing key relationships that accelerate growth. Prior to joining Learning House, Jeremy spent the last decade overseeing different business development initiatives for organizations such as Apollo Group, Kaplan Inc. and Mount Washington College.

Jeremy sits on several advisory boards, including the Marketing Advisory Board for LinkedIn, as well as the advisory board for a Florida-based leadership development organization called Leadership Broward. He has a passion for cultivating leaders and organizations that make a global impact. His influence spans numerous industries including education, technology, healthcare and nonprofit.

Hear Jeremy speak in person at the Connect Higher Education Summit, July 20-21 in Louisville, Kentucky. Register today!