Six  Strategies to Help Create Successful Online Programs

As with face-to-face learning, online learning is not a monolith. Every institution approaches online learning with its own mission and values in mind. There are some common denominators in the most successful programs, including a commitment to excellence from faculty and administration, rubrics to measure success and a keen understanding of who is studying online.

How can your institution integrate these success factors to ensure that you are developing the right online programs, and then delivering them with the same level of quality as your  face-to-face programs? In this free, live webinar, Dr. David Clinefelter and Dr. Howell Williams of The Learning House, Inc. will share strategies to help you set your online programs up for success. They will discuss:

    • Policies that make an online degree competitive
    • Best practices for delivering market-driven degree programs 
    • Ways that your institution’s organizational structures can help or hinder degree program success
    • How to leverage opportunities for collaboration across institutional divisions to promote online degrees
    • And more


About the presenters:

TLHprofiles-HowellWilliamsDr. Howell Williams, Vice President of Client Management at Learning House, leads a team that evaluates potential degree programs, assesses institutional readiness for online learning and scale, project manages each of Learning House’s service areas, offers consultation in the adult student market and curates robust relationships with partner institutions. Her team ensures goals and objectives are met across service areas and in collaboration with partner institutions while leveraging best practices to maximize the student experience and help partner universities distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace.  She has extensive experience assisting higher education institutions with the creation of online program divisions across comprehensive academic and high-impact student services.

201501-TLHprofiles-DaveClinefelter-300x200Dr. David Clinefelter, Chief Academic Officer at Learning House, has 30 years of experience in the industry, spanning the pre-Internet delivery of classes via fiber optic cable, correspondence courses delivered via the mail and fully online universities. Dr. Clinefelter served as the President of Graceland University and as Chief Academic Officer at both Kaplan University and Walden University.