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MOOC Ancestor: Still Looking for Quality Teaching

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are a new phenomenon, but they are quickly gaining in popularity. MOOCs offer a chance for thousands of students to learn at once, making more efficient use of teacher time. How effective are these courses, though, when compared to traditional online classes? Learn how two MOOCs measure up against the course quality standards of Learning House.


5 Phases of Online Course Development

Enrollment numbers play a direct role in the success of your online programs. Developing new degrees and courses is essential in maintaining a viable online learning presence in your market. Instructors may be tasked with...

How to Create an Online Course: The Basics

Most online courses begin as an alternative delivery format to face-to-face courses. When you translate a face-to-face course into an online course, you will encounter similarities and differences between the two environments. The preparation of...