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Online Learning Quality: Perception and Reality

Despite evidence to the contrary, online education still struggles to shed a number of negative stereotypes—namely that it is not as rigorous as its face-to-face counterpart, and its faculty are less engaged. A new whitepaper from Learning House looks at the perception of reality rigor and faculty engagement in online learning.


Online or Bust–[Infographic]

What do online students really want? The “Online College Students 2013” report reveals important information from 1,500 past, present and prospective online college students to help schools develop more effective online programs.


3 Ways Technology-Enhanced Courses Benefit Learners

Convenience often is touted as the primary benefit to online education. Dr. Susan Aldridge explains that there are more advantages to online learning than just time considerations, including better engagement, the ability to personalize courses to different learning styles and the use of active learning techniques.