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Connect 2015 Online Education Conference: Program Administration and Retention

Create your playbook for success in online education with the sixth Connect Online Education Conference. Presented by Learning House, Connect is one of the only conferences dedicated exclusively to online higher education. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry colleagues and learn best practices and trends in online:

1) Marketing and Enrollment
2) Program Administration and Retention
3) Course Development and Instruction

Below is a spotlight of just a few of the topics you will hear discussed in the Program Administration and Retention sessions at Connect 2015.

College Disrupted

In this keynote, Dr. Michelle R. Weise will discuss how the theories of disruptive innovation illuminate the shifting value proposition of higher education. She will address different trends as well as models, partnerships, and solutions that underscore the need to rethink the resources, processes, and ways in which higher education addresses the country’s challenges and needs. In this dynamic keynote session, Dr. Weise, will help institutions and their leaders navigate the dynamics of disruption across a rapidly changing academic terrain.

Next Generation Online Education

Co-founder and editor of Inside Higher Ed Scott Jaschik shares his insights into the evolving role of online education for the non-traditional student. Don’t miss this unique overarching media perspective of how MOOCs have affected the modality, how faculty are being impacted, and the demand for a more customized student experience. This and more will be discussed, and you will also have the opportunity to get your questions answered.

Linking Federal Regulations and Academic Practices

2015 will be an eventful year in federal regulations that will have an impact on distance education and technology-mediated instruction. The state authorization regulation will probably return and the Higher Education Act is due to be reauthorized. What regulations are in play? How did lapses by public and non-profit colleges foster the thinking that these regulations are needed? What should we be doing? In this session, WICHE Deputy Director of Research and Analysis Russell Poulin answers these and other important questions.

Higher Education Beyond Credits, Degrees and Programs

While the college diploma remains a valued credential, we are beginning to see new and emerging alternatives and extensions to the traditional diploma and degree. In this session, we will explore several current and emerging trends of new alternatives to the college degree. Come explore these trends and potential implications for your University. Topics to be discussed include competency-based education, digital badges and micro-credentials, nano degrees, stackable credentials and progressive credentials. This session will also include a survey of organizations that are already applying these trends in interesting and potentially impactful ways.

Online College Students 2015

Online College Students 2015 presents key findings from the fourth annual survey of online students. How do students go about selecting an online college? What information is important to them? What fields of study are most in demand? What marketing messages and channels are most impactful? How do they prefer to interact with other online students? What trends we see through the last four years of surveying online students? In this  session, Carol Aslanian, Senior Vice President of Aslanian Market Research, and Dave Clinefelter, Chief Academic Officer at The Learning House, Inc., answer these and other relevant questions.

Crafting and Executing Successful Retention Strategies at King University

While experiencing robust growth in online enrollment King University has maintained or improved upon impressive retention and graduation rates. During this session participants will learn how a proactive outreach strategy, harnessing course performance data, and responsiveness to student feedback can lead to successful retention outcomes.

Join us July 9 – 10 in Louisville, Kentucky to catch presentations on these topics and more. Click here to view the full Connect 2015 agenda, and be sure to explore the all-star speaker lineup.

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