Monthly Archives: August 2010

Add Audio to Your Courses

In an effort to incorporate more media into online courses, instructors often consider adding audio and video content. Audio content, in particular, presents unique challenges that instructors should be aware of and understand upfront. more

Utilizing the Help Center

Technology has changed the arena of higher education and the online classroom has become an excellent medium for students to earn their degrees. Whether online students are adapting from conventional on-campus classrooms or getting their...

Maximize Your Facebook Page

Social media is one of the fastest growing trends in marketing today. Many higher education institutions have found Facebook to be largely successful in attracting students to information, or posts, that communicate pertinent information about...

Finishing Courses Prior to Start Dates

Instructors often underestimate the advantages of having a course completed before students have access to it. Although it is possible to modify and continue developing a course after it launches, it proves beneficial to complete...

Upload a Unique Profile Picture

Instructors and students can do many things to create a sense of community in their online courses. In each course, clicking on the "Participants" link in the "People" block on the left side of the...

All About SEO

What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your Web site in search engines through organic (unpaid) search results. (more…)...

Discussion Forums – Choosing Good Questions

Discussion Forums in the online classroom provide opportunity for class discussion and debate. Most Learning Management Systems (LMSs) make it easy to create a discussion forum but little instruction is given to choosing the best...

Grassroots Marketing: An Important Piece to Promoting Your Programs

Although expensive marketing campaigns can be extremely successful, it's still important for colleges and universities to develop and maintain local connections within the community where the college or university resides. Grassroots marketing allows prospective students...

Teach LIVE – Online

When it comes to teaching an online course, the first step is generally to convert face-to-face materials into digital format. However, once you have done that, you may find that your course is missing the...