For engineering programs, online learning is an effective way to stay competitive in the dynamic STEM education market. However, when looking to enter the online arena, it can be difficult to determine how to develop the best possible online courses while maintaining rigor and encouraging collaboration.

Now, get your questions answered from Carnegie Mellon University professors Drs. Marie Norman and Venkat Viswanathan. Recently Carnegie Mellon University collaborated with Acatar to build and deliver a number of engineering courses, including the university’s first fully online MOOC, which boasted a course completion rate twice the national average. In this free, live webinar, they will share the skills, partnerships and processes that led to their highly successful launch of an engineering MOOC.

During the webinar, they will discuss:

    • Maintaining rigor and academic excellence in an online course
    • Designing for modularity and reuse
    • Engaging students through collaboration
    • Developing online engineering content that suits a variety of teaching styles and course types
    • And more

View the Recording:

About the Presenters

Venkat Viswanathan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University

Venkat’s research focus is on understanding and developing novel electrochemical devices for energy storage and utilization. The research strategy is based on a theoretical treatment of interfacial processes at different length and time scales. His graduate work involved understanding and identifying the fundamental limitations of lithium-air batteries and trends in electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction. His awards include an Electrochemical Society Daniel Cubicciotti Award in 2010 and an Electrochemical Society Herbert H. Uhligh Summer Fellowship in 2009.

Marie Norman, PhD, Senior Director of Educational Excellence at Acatar

Marie is a co-author of the book, How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching. She has taught anthropology for 14 years at Carnegie Mellon University, where she was also the Associate Director of the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence. Marie currently serves as Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.